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Author and Editor: Emiliano Corpas. MD, PhD

Copyright © Emiliano Corpas Cobisa 2012, R.P.I. nº 08/2012/21

This e-book is the basis of an educational program of clinical endocrinology and diabetes, now in Spanish to intend for being published in English in a future. It is not a conventional textbook of endocrinology. The main objective is to provide a quick and easy guide for the clinician practicing in the field.

This publication has its origin in information processed and kept by the author-editor in more than 30 years of undergraduate teaching at Faculty of Medicine and continuing medical education for different groups of doctors.

 At present, the book consists of 50 chapters, over 2500 slides (over 700 of diabetes) with a section on diagnostic and therapeutic clinical protocols. 

Each chapter has a variable length from 30 to 140 schemes of text and images, an index and is ranked by the level of knowledge to be transmitted. Although most of the educational material has been developed by the author-editor, there are over 35 authors collaborating who are contributing their expertise in specific areas of endocrinology. Therefore, contents have a multidisciplinary character and a clinical practical orientation with their pathophysiological and pathogenic basis. Each chapter is written to review comprehensively each endocrine disorder. Chapters are composed of text schemes, diagnostic and treatment algorithms, clinical guidelines and numerous original illustrations and digital images from both patients and diagnostic tests (echo, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine imaging). Most chapters have been reviewed by several members of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology or other scientific-medical societies, on request of the author-editor.

The  e-book was initially published on-line in flash-player format in the web site of the Foundation for Health Research and Training in the Region of Murcia (“Fundación para la Formación e Investigación Sanitarias de la Región de Murcia” (www.ffis.es), which has considerable experience in teaching and research in health. Chapters are now published in the author-editor web site (www.endocorpas.com ) whose accessed is restricted. Nevertheless, some contents of the educational program, are being published on the author-editor web site, which includes a section for professionals and another for patients. Access to those sections are free. Thiat site contains detailed information on the e-book and some protocols and clinical guidelines  

Contents of the e-book are being the basis for accredited courses and training updates in Endocrinology and Diabetes for doctors. 

 In summary, this endocrinology e-book intends to be a schematic and quick reference guide for any doctor facing either patients with endocrine disorders or medical teaching in the field of endocrinology. It is also written to be a reference book for medical students. The work reviews the more frequent endocrine diseases in a comprehensive but schematic and visual manner and the practical format permits easy updating and expanding.

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